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From Code to Global Connections:
Explore My Digital Horizon

Navigating the intricate realms of computer science, I’ve bridged the gap between technical expertise and global business acumen. From the bustling tech hubs of Atlanta to the entrepreneurial spirit of Dubai, join me in exploring a world where code meets global impact.

About Me

From Code to Global Connections: Explore My Digital Horizon

Developing With a Passion While Exploring The World.

Bardia Zadeh is a computer science specialist with a profound understanding of the digital realm, seamlessly integrating his expertise with global business perspectives. With roots in both Atlanta and Dubai, he bridges the gap between technical expertise and international business dynamics.

Educated at renowned institutions, Bardia holds a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and he is currently furthering his knowledge with a Master’s Degree from the globally recognized Georgia Tech University. This academic backdrop not only equips him with deep technological insights but also fosters a keen sense of the evolving digital landscape. His commitment to continuous learning is further showcased through his authored works, which guide readers on design principles and the ever-changing world of digital marketing.

Beyond the confines of code, Bardia has ventured into the tangible world of luxury construction and real estate. In both Atlanta and Dubai, he’s been instrumental in transforming properties, handling everything from strategic acquisitions to high-end renovations. This hands-on approach ensures that each project not only meets but often exceeds, market expectations, reflecting his dedication to excellence.

In the expansive world of digital media, Bardia’s presence is unmistakable. Collaborating with influencers and managing significant profiles across platforms like YouTube and Instagram, he’s adept at amplifying digital narratives. This ability to shape and elevate online personas underscores his comprehensive understanding of the digital ecosystem and its vast potential.

Diverse Expertise, Unified Vision

A Glimpse into My Multifaceted Professional Journey

Computer Science Mastery

Leveraging a deep foundation in computer science to develop innovative solutions. From software development to system architecture.

Authorship & Knowledge Sharing

Sharing insights through well-researched publications. Guiding readers on design principles and the evolving digital marketing landscape.

Real Estate & Construction

Transforming spaces with a touch of luxury and functionality. From strategic property acquisitions to high-end renovations.

Digital Media Collaboration

Amplifying digital narratives across major platforms. Collaborating with influencers and managing high-profile accounts for maximum reach.

Global Business Acumen

Blending Western innovation with Middle Eastern business insights. Offering a unique perspective from dynamic hubs like Atlanta and Dubai.

UX Design Expertise

Crafting intuitive and user-centric digital experiences. Prioritizing user needs for seamless interactions across platforms.

P.S. The background photo you’re seeing was captured by yours truly! 🙂

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Professional Milestones

A Journey Through Diverse Digital Landscapes

Digital Marketing
2015 - Present

Implementing data-driven campaigns that resonate with target audiences, optimizing reach and conversion in the digital realm.

Digital Marketing
Full-Stack Developer
2013 - Present

Mastering both front-end and back-end technologies to deliver end-to-end web solutions, ensuring seamless user experiences and robust system architecture.

Full-Stack and Front-end Developer​
Social Media Management
2017 - Present

Strategizing and executing content plans that amplify brand presence, engage audiences, and drive growth across major social platforms.

Social Media Management​
Digital Influence
2017 - Present

Collaborating with digital personas and influencers, amplifying narratives, and shaping online brand identities for maximum impact.

Digital Influence & Collaboration
Real Estate
2020 - Present

Navigating the property landscape with precision, from strategic acquisitions and high-end renovations to profitable sales in key markets.

Real Estate
UX/UI Design
2013 - Present

Crafting intuitive interfaces and user experiences that prioritize seamless interactions and user satisfaction across diverse platforms.

UX/UI Design:
Startup Ventures
2016 - Present

Pioneering innovative solutions and businesses, identifying market gaps, and driving growth through entrepreneurial endeavors.

Startup Ventures

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