An Entrepreneur with a Wide Range of Skills and a Sharp Technology Edge!

Bardia Esmaeilzadeh, also known as Bardia Zadeh is the Director Manager and CEO of TechoMarket LLC, a marketing company that specializes in intelligent strategies for the modern world. Besides TechoMarket, he also owns his own company, Micrer LLC, which manufactures world-class high-quality 3D printers. Certified in SolidWorks, he offers his CAD services as well, he is a known expert in such areas as 3D scanning, designing and 3D printing. He is also specialized in the fields of CNC machining, Laser-Cutting, and Engraving. Bardia Zadeh is also a professional registered aerial pilot with more than six years of experience flying drones and UAVs. He offers his drone services commercially, and owns multiple commercial drones equipped with high-quality cinematic cameras. Additionally, Bardia Zadeh is also a private pilot and is continuing his flying as a hobby.

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